What stage are you at on the process of change?

Recovery from stress and anxiety requires us to adopt thinking and behaviours which are more helpful to our overall wellbeing. The process of change isn’t necessarily easy and can require consistent work, but it’s vital for improvement.

Often, severe distress is the catalyst for change, however people are at different stages in their readiness for change.

Have a look at the “Stages of Change” below, and perhaps you can recognize at what stage you, or someone you care about, are at:

1. Pre-contemplation – at this stage you’re not thinking about changing your thoughts or behaviour.

2. Contemplation – you’re thinking more seriously about change, however ambivalence may still be present.

3. Planning – at this stage you are now preparing for change.

4. Action – you are now implementing changes.

5. Maintenance – you are sustaining change and maintaining it on an ongoing basis.

6. Relapse prevention and management – If relapse occurs, you can use it as an opportunity to reflect on and learn from what’s happened. It can be valuable to seek support from others in maintaining positive changes.