5 ways to stress-less at Christmas time.

  1. Write things down. ‘Mind-dumping’ onto paper helps to organise thinking and settle you down if you have a tendency to over-think things. Writing a to-do list, a gift list, and a written menu for Christmas Day can decrease stress by making you feel organised. It can also help you settle off to sleep more easily, and provide a sense of accomplishment when you can cross things off your list.
  2. Budget ahead of time if you can. Setting money aside for Christmas a few pay-days ahead will help immensely when you undertake Christmas shopping. Budgeting ahead of time is also great for birthdays, other special occasions and bills in general.
  3. Keep your home tidy as much as possible. This can be a challenge, especially with kids, but it can help to calm you down because clutter can contribute to feelings of stress. Having a set place for your gifts, wrapping paper, decorations etc. can help you feel in control.
  4. Give yourself permission to splurge on Christmas Day food. Don’t feel guilty about partaking in Christmas treats, but it helps to contain it to that set time.
  5. Do some gentle (or intense) exercise to promote your general well-being and fitness. There are some lovely places to go walking in Geelong and getting away by yourself (if you get the chance) can help you to relax and collect your thoughts, especially for this busy time of year.